Farm Safety Awareness Course

Satisfies requirements of TAMS II Terms and Conditions.

Please bring Herd number on the day of training as this information is stated on your attendance letter.

Intended for farmers who wish to learn about Health and Safety and complete the Farm Safety Code of Practice – Risk Assessment document. It addresses the main areas of farm hazards and offers advice on solutions and control measures.

Designed for all farmers. This course is designed to give a practical approach to improving safety on the farm. Course is suitable for anyone who works on a farm.

Course Content

  • Background to Farm Safety
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment / Workplace Hazards
  • Reasons for Health and Safety
  • Work Safety legislation and duty of care on the farmer
  • Duties of Employers & Employees
  • Accident / Incident Statistics
  • Safety Culture
  • Guidance to Completion of Farm Safety Risk Assessment Document
  • Tractors, Farm Vehicles and ATV’S
  • Livestock Safety
  • Farmyard and Building Safety
  • Health of Farmers
  • Bio hazards from Slurry, Cattle Waste and Mouldy Feeds and Bedding
  • Safety Signs on Farms
  • Competence and Training
  • Reporting of Accidents
  • Safe System of Work Plan

Learners who attend this module will :

• Gain an insight into farm health and safety.
• Receive an understand of the principles of farm health and safety.