Tractor Safety Awareness Course

This course is useful to people who drive, work with, or use tractors as part of their daily jobs. This course is designed to
provide the course participants with the appropriate information on the hazards and dangers of working Tractors and their

Course Content :

  • Introduction to course.
  • Explanation and demonstration of the various Safety Checks,
  • including Controls, cab condition, PTO, lights, mirrors,
  • indicators, wipers, and brakes
  • Explanation, demonstration, and practice in the correct
  • procedures to adopt when operating a tractor.
  • Correct PPE selection and use.
  • Accidents – causes and prevention.

Learners who attend this module will :

Gain skills, knowledge and aptitude to be able to operate tractors correctly and safely on the farm (off road) and on public
roads in order to increase awareness and to try to reduce accidents