Safety Statements

Your Safety Statement represents your responsibility to the management of health and safety in your Company.

It outlines the responsibilities of your personnel, determines the hazards associated with the work your Company carries out and describes the control measures to be implemented.

The Safety Statement is to be brought to the attention of employees and and made available to anyone else affected by Company activities and should be signed accordingly.

The cost of your safety statement will depend on the nature of your business and the risks associated with your work.

Our Safety Statement service is inclusive of a site visit to carry out Risk Assessments, preparation of a statement, any changes you may require and a printed final copy of the Safety Statement.

We will also provide a Safety Audit Report, if required, to ensure that you are in compliance with your Safety Statement.

We are committed to providing a Safety Statement that accurately reflects the safety arrangements of the company and a specific Risk Assessment and not a generic mass produced document.