Load Testing

ASA Safety are fully equipped to carry out Load Testing and Certification of machinery and structures. We carry out small

scale specialised testing of individual components for finite element analysis to large scale testing of power masts, structural beams and lifting points on sites.

Lifting and Handling Services equipment includes the following:

  • Standard Load Cells: 5000 kg to 50000 kg calibrated dynamo meters (with an accuracy +/- 0.2% 5)
  • Test House Load Cells: 1 kg to 10000 kg calibrated dynamo meters (with accuracy +/- 0.0 3% 2.5)

Our Specialised Testing Services include:

  • Load Testing of Safety Equipment and Machines
  • Load Testing of Structures and Buildings

We carry out inspection, load testing and certification on the following Lifting Equipment in house and on site: 

  • Lifting frames
  • Overhead Cranes
  •  Jib Cranes
  •  Overhead Beams
  •  Electric and Manual Hoists
  •  Plate and Product Lifting Clamps
  •  Electric and Hydraulic Winches
  • Lorry Mounted Cranes, Lifts and Hydraulic Jacks
  • Loose Lifting Tackles
  •  Safety Equipment
  •  Forklift Trucks
  •  Window Cleaning Equipment

Load testing is designed to ensure that the item of lifting equipment can perform to the required standards. A load test is
required on installation on any lifting equipment before the equipment can be put into service.

It is also required if there are any issues found during a thorough examination which may affect the integrity of the
equipment in question, or when a lifting structure has been relocated to a new area.

According to the Safety, Health and welfare at work Regulations 2007 lifting equipment requires testing as part of
thorough examination in below circumstances:

  • After any substantial alteration or repair affecting the strength or stability of the product the equipment requires testing.
  • Fixed lifting equipment requires load test before first use
  • Tower Cranes require testing after each assembly
  • Mobile cranes require testing every 4 years.
  • Winches require testing every 4 years.
  • Lifting Equipment Support structures such as jibs, beams, monorails, or anchor points require testing before first use.

Our Structural and Building Load testing services include

  • Fixing anchor load testing
  • Scaffold tie testing
  • Barrier & handrail testing
  • Lift shaft beam load testing
  • Floor and stairs load testing
  • Concrete beam load testing
  • Precast lintel load testing
  • Cattle slat load testing
  • Hollow core slab load testing

 Equipment includes

  • Hydrajaw
  • Hilti tester
  • Enerpac